Monday, September 26, 2005

Episode #8 Yes it is Monday and $%)(*#)$*(#&

Today in one word: SUCKS

I had to go to the dentist today and it was not a good visit - had to do a crown and it took two hours of torture and pain. What added in the fun was that I had to work with a newbie who assisted with the dentist and she was having fun make me having more anxiety.

Then I had expected the Dish Network guy to come out and he never showed and so I called and found out that they were not even coming until Thursday after I was told it would be today - I was not a happy camper so I called Direct TV and started with them and will cancel the Dish Network very soon. So if anyone would like to buy my 510 receiver - email me and we can talk price!

I had a show to post but for some reason the site I am using is not allowing it to work.


Episode #8

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Major Thanks to Mary and Dawn

As I have mentioned on my show - I have been very lucky in many ways. I have been blessed with a great family despite the quirks we all have - we love each other. The other area that I am very grateful for are my friends. I met two wonderful people Mary and Dawn when we had went to another friend's party and we made a connection. We have kept in touch after that initial meeting and talked about our love for movies and shows like Queer as Folk and The L Word and so we agreed to get together for dinner sometime. The sometime happened today and they agreed to be interviewed for my show and I am so glad I did - they are two wonderful people and I can't wait for you to hear the interviews. They both have interesting stories to tell and you can really feel the love that these two have for one another. It truly gives me hope that I can have that again in my life.

Mary and Dawn - massive amounts of thanks - I am honored to be your friend.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Episode #7 Thursday - fun in Illinois NOT!

Hello peoples

It is Thursday night and I am in a dumpy hotel in Illinois ready to see some more accounts tomorrow - I am having fun by spending a half hour waiting for the wireless connection to connect then having to settle for dial up - arghh! The only good thing that happened today is that I was able to get a free dessert at the restaurant I went to tonight. I had some overpriced fish and then had the evil brownie with ice cream - ie my weakness I have a sweet tooth. Now you know why I have to workout whenever I can otherwise I would be way overweight.

Travel Tip: If you are a shopper then go check out the great outlet mall in Aurora IL - it is very easy to find on I-88 and take the Farnswoth exit. Also save some money and sign up with their VIP Program and you can print out coupons prior to your visit! Here is a link to the site: Chicago Premium Outlet

They have a great restaurant Red Star Tavern and they have a good selection of steaks, seafood and chicken. If you sign up with the VIP program - go to the Information booth and get a booklet and be able to get free dessert!

Episode #7

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Episode #6 - Talks about Vegas - Andy - Key to relationships and PROMO!

Hi - it is Sunday and I have finally added a new show! I was away on Vegas and didn't get to do as many shows as I had hoped. Today's show I talk about the trip, my friend Andy and the key to communicating in any relationship and a few other secrets!

Click here to listen to Episode #6

Click here to listen to the Promo

Check out Promo Picker and find other great podcasts!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Brokeback Mountain

I heard some great news for the new gay movie Brokeback Mountain and how it had won an award at the Venice Film Festival. Here is a link so you can view the trailer: Brokeback Mountain

It will premiere in some cities in December and then wide release in January - let's support this movie!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Epiosde #5 - Kudos, Gay TV, Robin Williams, Money Saving Tips - Joke

Massive apologies to the last show to everyone! It was horrible!

Massive kudos to Scott Mindeaux, The Cousins Queer and Fausto at Feast of Fools

I talked about the upcoming GLBT programming on the television for 9/9 to 9/11

Talked about my rant with Dish Network and how I met Robin Williams - pictures will be posted soon!

Money saving tips - check out Hotwire, Orbitz, Entertainment Card

Episode #5

Thursday, September 08, 2005

What the hell....

Hi Everyone - I have been having a weird week trying to get stuff ready for a sales meeting and working on my podcast has kept me busy. I talked with that guy I told you about the other day and he is very nice and funny. The had thing is his schedule is hectic as well - he works at night and doesn't get home until 1245am and I am normally (or should be) in bed. When I am free he isn't and when he is - I am not so it is great way to start. The thing is that his free time is on the weekend just like me so that is good. Unfortunatly this weekend I am going to Vegas for a sales meeting and won't be back until Wednesday night.

The highlight of today is that I had a phone interview and the gentleman wants to have a face to face interview on the 19th so I am hoping it will work out they are wanting to hire someone asap.

I am so fed up with the current job that I have that it is actually depressing the shit out of me and it is affecting all other aspects of my life. So for those who are listening to the show - I would greatly appreciate your positive thoughts on the 19th at 4pm!

I forgot to post the pic of Reichen the guy from Amazing Race and so here he is - he is so hot!

New Banner!

Banner Posted by Picasa

This is my new banner - created by the fantasic super star Scott Mindeaux!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Please forgive me!

To my listeners - the two of you! LOL

I am so sorry for Episode 4! I was trying to edit material out and as you can hear it didn't work! So I truly was doing some rambling!

Please forgive me!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Episode 4

Today I sent more kudos to my fellow podcasters - see list below and thanks to the people at Podcastique for mentioning my show.

I talked about gay movies I enjoy and have provided some links so that you can get them to watch yourself!

Talked about gay dating and what NOT to do!

Finally I told some jokes that I thought you would enjoy!

Movies I talked about in today's show:

The Broken Hearts Club, Cowboys and Angels, Friends and Family, Grief, I Think I Do, The Laramie Project, Locked Up, Longtime Companion and Love! Valour! Compassion! Click on the Amazon link below to find them now!

Favorite Podcasters

Feast of Fools
Lucky Bitch Radio
Fox and the City
Scott Mindeaux

Donate to the American Red Cross

Episode 4 - There are some echoing and there is a few spots when it does overlap so I am apologize now for that - thanks for understanding.

Only with podcasting.....

I have to say that I love podcasts in so many ways - you get to hear from some amazing people - you hear incredible stories - and you get the chance to interact with the people who create the shows.

I have emailed with Wanda, talked with Scott who helped with my site and talked with Patrick from The Counsins Queer and he has been a big help. I was mentioned on Podcastique and I can't thank them enough. Tonight I talked with Fausto who was a great guy and this is the only forum that you can do this!

Please check out their shows:

Lucky Bitch Radio
Feast of Fools
Scott Mindeaux
The Cousins Queer

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thanks to The Cousin Queer

I would like to say thanks to the Patrick and Travis for adding a link off their website to mine. They have been a great help to me and I really appreciate the support!

Please check out their site The Cousins Queer

Friday, September 02, 2005

Massive kudos to Scott Mindeaux

Scott helped me with my website and blog and I can't thank him enough!

Check out his show!

Episode 3

This show is simply asking people to make a contribution to the Red Cross like I did today - anything will help!

Click here to make a donation

Click here for Episode 3

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Episode 2 is on ITunes

I talk about the hurricane victims and talking about various topics and hope that people will simply enjoy the good things that they have in life.

For some reasons the links won't work so here are some of my favorites:

Click here for Episode 2