Thursday, February 22, 2007

Episode 116 Interview with Mike Hipp

Listen as Ramble is happy to say he gets to talk with Mike Hipp - the man behind (a site where you can review all of the GLBT podcasts) and he has a side business called Soy Candles By Phebes which are very good.

Mike tells us about his life, his marriage, his partner John and so much more!

Episode 116 <---click here to listen

Episode 115 - Recap Remember and Get Active

Listen as Ramble talks about last week, remembers a gay pioneer and gets on soap box about stuff going on here in Indiana!

The picture is of Barbara Gittings who died this past Saturday -she was a true hero to the GLBT community. Photo by Alison Dickman. Source:

Episode 115 <---click here to listen

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Remember our History - A Gay Pioneer Dies

In order to celebrate where we are today and what we need to do to move forward - we must remember those who have helped get us where we are so I am sorry to tell you that a hero of our community has passed away.

She was dubbed the 'Gay Pioneer'; American gay activist Barbara Gittings passed away on Saturday. Her death was announced by Kay Tobin Lahusen, Gittings' partner of 46 years.

Gittings began her work as an activist almost 50 years ago, after establishing Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian organization in New York in 1958, before editing the group's magazine from 1963 to 1966; a time which according to Gittings had only 200 lesbians that were out of the closet in the United States.

1965 saw her participate in her first protest for civil rights in Washington, in which she regularly participated in throughout her years as an activist.

Last October, Gittings was selected as a leader for GLBT history month due to her lifetime dedication to activism.

Executive Director of the Equality Forum, Malcolm Lazin, said "Barbara Gittings is the mother of the GLBT civil rights movement. She is our Rosa Parks. Barbara helped organize the first gay and lesbian civil rights demonstrations in the face of a tsunami of homophobia. Her courage helped launch the GLBT civil rights movement."

Barbara Gittings was 75 years of age when she died.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boston Legal take on homosexuality

Another great video

Episode 114 - Part 2 with Michael

This is the conclusion with Michael as he talks about how he met his hubby Ernie and he shares some interesting stories about reality tv, his marriage, his mom and so much more.

You get some great laughs from this show as Michael is an amazing guy.

The attached pic is Michael and Ernie on their big day!

Episode 114

Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode 113 - Interview with Michael

Listen to this great interview with Michael - a performer, writer and director - as he talks about his life growing up in Michigan, his work, his partner and so much more.

Episode 113 Click on the link to listen to this show!

Here is Michael's website: Click Here
Add Michael as a Myspace Friend: Click here!

Newtown Writers site Click here!

Live Bait Theater site - Click Here

Friday, February 16, 2007

New way for YOU to reach me :)

Hey everyone

I have a P.O. Box now and would love to hear from you - so send me cards, cds, movies, letters, pics, porn whatever you want to:

Ramble Redhead
P.O. Box 2804
South Bend IN 46680

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Episode 112 - Valkentines Day

Listen as Ramble talks about Valentines Day - and why it is spelled that way - is it a day of love or a day you want to ignore! Hear a story from a fellow podcaster - responses from people on what kind of day it is for them and he gives you a special surprise at the end of the show!

Episode 112

Please download this show again sorry for the error earlier :)

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is too good not to share - if you need a good laugh!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Episode 111 - Songs of Life

Listen as I talk about great comments that were from great people who take the time to listen to my show - they talk about the guests or my ramblings on my solo shows - read some comments made on Itunes as well and how my show is on the featured page so thanks to all of you who help get it there! I also talk about the songs that mean alot to me and hope you will enjoy this show.

Episode 111

My show is on the Featured Page on Itunes

Check this out - my show is now on the Featured Page of Itunes - right up there with Archer and Michael from QCast CT! Way cool!

My show is #26 out of the top 100 - thanks to Nick Thomas for letting me know.

Click on the pic on the left to see an enlarge pic of the screen shot I took!

Episode 110 Interview with Matt Blender

Listen as Ramble talks with Matt Blender from Okay So Radio podcast - he talks about his life growing up in Michigan, his dealings with his family and their reaction to gay people in his family and his big move to Chicago a few years ago. He talks about the inspiration of his podcast and how our shows have both changed our lives and for the better.

Okay So Radio

Episode 110

Monday, February 05, 2007

Episode 109 - Weekend Update

Ramble does what he does best - talks about the weekend, comments on what other podcasters have been talking about and a movie you need to see and a few bad jokes to tell you.

Episode 109

Friday, February 02, 2007

Episode 108 - Driving the Night Away

This show is my way of saying thanks to my loyal listeners who have commented on my show and the great guests that I have had on recently. I talk about a new show I really enjoy and give you some other bs to listen to. Hang in there - another great interview will be posted soon.

Please leave a review on Itunes for my show - I would greatly appreciate it

Also a special note to John Q - hang in there my friend!

Please let me know what you think of the show - I appreciate all of your support!

Episode 108

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